Rakul Preet Singh Says: I Am Not Insecure

Rakul Preet Singh

Rakul Preet Singh is highly sought after in the south and ranks among the best actresses. The first of several films lined up for her, Jaya Janaki Nayaka, starts on August 11th.

"The love story revolves around my character, Janaki, and will have a typical Boyapati action," says Rakul. "There are two variants to my role: one of them sees me as a bubbly and joyful college girl, whose life changes after an incident," says Rakul, who was immersed in the role.

"I did not talk to people during the shoot because I did not want to be disconnected, but sometimes the director Boya-pati used to say" the scene is over, you can laugh, Reminds Rakul Preet Singh.

Speaking of life after shoots, she shares: "I leave my character on sets and take advantage of my personal life. I want to go out with my brother, watch movies and go get my workouts. "

Rakul Preet Singh talks about his next film, the competition of new talents, the game in numbers and more.

Rakul believes it is dangerous for an actor to imitate the characters in their films. "They can influence you, but you can not let them take care of them, we play so many characters and if you let them affect you could become depressed, unstable or unhappy, I want to be a happy person," she said.

The actress admits that she was moved during this film and cried for the first time. But has she already cried while watching a movie? "I usually did not do it, but I did it for Ninnu Kori," admits Rakul, adding, "My brother was sitting next to me and I was passing tissue!" I am a decisive novel, so I like the finals happy. "The actress reveals that she later met Nani and her team to share her experience.

With actresses like Nivetha of Ninnu Kori and Sai Pallavi of Fidaa making waves with their performances, does she feel threatened? Nani is a friend and when I went with him and Nivetha, I told her she did a fantastic job. We have good actors, there will be better scripts for girls, I am not unstable because I always believe in hard work, talent and God, "the actress said. She adds that she did not see Fidaa when she had just returned from London after shooting her Hindi film. Speaking of Aiyaary, Rakul shares: "I did my first audition to Neeraj Pandey, sir, in 2011. The film never happened! But now I work with him, I think it's destiny! "

Although the actress is busy with movies in three languages, she admits that her heart belongs to Telugu movies. "Even when I was shooting Hindi movies, I always talked about the Telugu film industry," she says. When asked if actresses become more important in movies these days, she says: "If you look back, there are many actresses like Sridevi, Genelia, Trisha and others who have Played a central role. The Telugu film industry is emerging and is gaining tremendous respect around the world. There are many new styles of films like Pelli Choopulu and Baahubali. People also ask about SPYder. The public has become adaptable to change now, which is a good thing, "says Rakul.

About his co-star Srinivas Bellamkonda, Rakul says he has evolved as an actor. When asked if she had given him advice, Rakul replied, "Why should I give them advice? I do not run a school of interpretation." She adds that when a person like Boyapati directs the film , No one should have advice.

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