Nani Majnu Movie Theatrical Trailer | Anu Emmanuel | Priya Shri

nani majnu teaser 2016

Nani Majnu Movie Theatrical Trailer Anu & Priya Shri

Nani latest movie Majnu 2016 new movie trailer released.  Nani again acting in a love story movie after “Bhale Bhale Mogadioi”.

Majnu movie name was famous yuva samraat Nagarjuna movie. In this new movie Hero has two heroines, its a triangle story.

Nani getting famous in Tollywood industry, he is doing low budget movies but getting more response from audience.

Starring: Nani, Anu, Priya Shri

Directed By: Virinchi Varma

Music Director: Gopi Sundar

Producer: Geetha Golla


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